12.11.09 "The live EP"

Our colleague Beatmaker Beat launches following message in the open space of worldwide web. This message was intercepted at the very beginning stage. Heres the text:

The beginning of the message  
Bless ya! Beatmaker Beat is proud to represent The live EP. Another one mini-mixtape from BMB. This release is unusual one. All joints on the mixtape were recorded in real-time without any soft or hardware. Here comes its title The live EP. Beside this the most of beats and sounds were born right on the studio from anything available at hand including book, cd-box, rolling-pen e.t.c. CHECK THIS OUT!!!
The ending of the message

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As far as we can research BMB surprises us with new sound very soon. Will be waiting for mixtape to download. As yet checking promo-video prepared by FF specially for release.

Beat Maker Beat(FF) - The End from funkfanatix.