13.11.09 Meetings with outstanding people

Dear colleagues, friends and people interested! Funk Fanatix support professor Nicos initiative and announce hip-hop seminar Meetings with outstanding people The host of seminar - the founder of Funk Safari show doctor Garibaldi. Seminar is dedicated to the hosts experience of meetings with coryphaeus and pioneers of Hip-Hop Culture. Youll have an opportunity to find out what you couldnt find in any interview or articles. Scholar passion of Doctor will introduce you to questions youd like to ask but was afraid to do so.
  • About Brian Green and beliefs in Jesus Christ
  • About Storm and people whom he had to judge with
  • About Ken Swift and what happened on MIR 2009 in Moscow
  • About Kaleef and difficulties of raising kids in US for Afro-American
Also youll see unique interview with Mister Wiggles about communication with vibrations and Greg Cambellocks definition of FUNK. The big part of information studied and edited by Faradey Bivuaka of King of Bongo. All topics will be provided with video and held interactive. Violence to all thirsty is ensured, bread and circuses are included in entrance fee.

If you find lecture boring you can return your money after winning the chimp-thimblerigger . Video and audio recording is banned to avoid of negating vibrations formation which is used to be called gossips among people.

Date - 22.11.09
Place - Griboedov Hill, Voronezhskaya str., 2a. Subway st. Ligovskiy prospekt
Fee 100rub.
Start at 13:00

Preregistration is necessary (prof.Nico)

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