25.03.10 Just Debout 2010

This time next funny executors departured to the hive of Potatolikes: Youz Rockz, Smol 01, Chuprocka and Our Hope. The road to the destination took only 6 hours and having a spare time at our disposal we decide to check winter Helsinki with original method. We lost in the City Centre and couldnt find the building where party is about to happen.

Everybody was pokerly against further exploration of the streets and lines. But what was found out after itd better for everybody to be pokerly against visiting the club.

In the very club named in flyers and posters we met Enot and a small group of people from his sightseeing van. Our souls anticipated the party were intended to listen to the funk music and move the circles. But there were nothing of the sort.

Our friend Cheburashka and his French-Finno-Ugric mercenaries anticipated the party of another format what was proved with house music and a lot of the chairs for sound sleep. This party was called Juste Debout 2010.

A plenty of Russian boys and girls participated all nominees. They showed their dancing-skills and was gifted with tickets to the finals in France. Toprock was judged by such remarkable persons like Mr.Wiggles, Ynot and comrade known as Ata. After party not wasting our time for planning we moved to the camping where we filmed some scenes for Mission 22 last summer.

Having fortified we organized a small party as usual right in the cottage without any advance plan. We called our friends, danced, watched some archive videos and left to the Nordic Moves next day.

This time spectators were offered a comfortable chairs for sound sleep again. Crew showcase battles were first in program. Guys from Moscow took the main prize with their performance dedicated to fabulous Mario video-game. At organizers request they performed the show for 3 times this evening in the same venue.

We offer you to watch the report and to feel what we felt that minutes. Let the funk inject into your souls. It is not an overstatement to say this trip is one of the samples how brave descendants of Slav moving Earth and Europe with funk.
Enjoy your watching!

Juste Debout 2010 - Finland. from funkfanatix.

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