07.04.10 Anticipated premiere of MISSION 22

Today on Runet foundation anniversary Funk Fanatix hurry to gladden you with the freshest news which settles the thought into your consciousness for the next two weeks. Although evil forces presented hard resistance weve done what we wanted and promised. Work upon Mission 22 complete.
Movie describes why people dance in modern world stuck on the future destiny crossroads. Where does follow the whole generation of young street truth-seekers in the world of truth that is out of style. Perhaps, even the most skeptic spectator will explore that dance and music for modern youth are not the instrument of self-expression or attempt to demonstrate its maximalism and radicalism only. Dance and music are one of the oldest ways of contacting with the Planet, the Universe, Creator and the dark sides of ones soul.
Whole movie is produced by technique of maximal freedom and contribution of every collaborator in common outcome. In fact its produced without a script, clear instructions of director and prepared sets. Words, poses, frames and music were defined right on the shooting-set and in editing-room. In addition public opinion were accounted during its production.
This is the film for those who are in the Process and Real Search and about the way how to find oneself, for sure.
Venue: ATLANT youth center
Date and time: : 23rd April 2010, start at 19.00
Entrance free for everybody.

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