29.11.09 "The Secrets of the Reviving of the Colours"

Trun says in announcement:  
Everything in this world has its soul and graffiti is not an exeption. But only when it's free enough of mainstream influence which turnes live lines and colours in frozen cliches and nice pictures. I want to pay attention to the heaven beauty that graffiti can give us when it withdraws from creature comforts, vanity and needs. Your heart is the pump moving blood 24 7. And blood contains soul. If you let the soul come into graffiti, if you let your graffiti go from the heart you'll see how your pieces pulse in the same rhythm with the heart.

Stay true to your graffiti so it never betrays you because it'll be always true to you and never somebody else.

Another one thing, that nobody exactly knows what graffiti realy is but many people plays in it with great pleasure.
It's time to stop playing. It's time to start living today.
Animate what you're doing.

29th of November 2009 14:00 Nevskiy pr. 32/34 Artstudio "Impress").
Organized by Sasha Trun.
3 hours long. Enter fee 150 rub.

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