28.12.09 Oppening Night of films by FF. "MISSION 22" and "SALAD FANATIX"
→ For those who are outside breaking culture and everything connected with hip-hop. This video might appear absurd, dragged out, out of genre, intolerant or meaningless.
→ For evading this kind of reaction we advise you to USE SOMEKINDA SUBSTANCES before entering viewing.

9th January Funk Fanatix summon all hip-hop society to leave the long-occupied place in front of monitors, close tabs on youtube and vimeo and revive the customs of the good old times. What means to visit viewing a full-length movie on wide-screen in Youth Center Atlant.
    Presentation as well as video itself will be performed in original format. Namely:
  1. On entering the building light jam with favorite music will be served by best SPb Djs (Dj Bazil, Dj Smirnoff, Dj Disco T, Dj Baker);
  2. Before viewing personality battles will take place
    • In graffiti (Wais vs Trun)
    • In breaking (Kolobok vs Stoballov)
    • In toprock (Kinderrookie vs Nadin Syberian Queen)
    • In scratching (Dj Bazil vs Dj 108);
  3. To spectators taste 2 films will be introduced about life of funk fanatix, Finns, British, Azerbaijanians and other talented people (the common duration about 90 min). This is documentaries containing private archive, interviews, backstage, battles and jams.

"Mission 22"

Retired crazy war reporter used a critical concentration of life impressions about hip-hop culture and have to assume the responsibility for termination of one of the hip-hop authorities. Armed with animal skulls, sunglasses of late Elvis Presley and Kalashnikov rifle he steals into the heat of European breaking where faces with treacherous Afghano-Indo-Pakistan Amjad of 7$, sly and tricky mason boss (Dj Hooch of Funking Pussy) and the rest Filipinos (Dj Renegade, bboy Mouse, bboy Wicked).

7 Baroni, Amjad, Big Brotha S, Dj Hooch, E-wag, Fin, Hat Solo, Kinderookie, Lbro, Mooha, Mouse, Renegade, Rocketony, Smol01, Stoballov, Sotnikov Rock, Well B, Wicked, T-Break, Trun, Youz Rockz, Belorussian Bboyz, Sticky Ruckus, 7$.

Directed by
Chuprakov Ivan, Grachev Sergey.

Exclusive interviews with witnesses and participants, backstage creepy stories and private archives are in materials of the film.

SALAD FANATIX (life of remarkable creatures)

Funk Fanatix is the sect preaching antiscientific way of life in spite of prevalent physic-mathematical model of the Universe. Seems like there is no other suitable way to describe the activity of this closed society.

Film is dedicated to their impertinent deeds have being eluding from gaze of Officials for a very long time. Graffiti, breaking, shcheeprocking, gangstashitting and Hoi Polloi hip-hop in sparkling video from the founder of FF video style Chuprakov Ivan.

Bazil, Beatmaker Beat, Brutal Truba, E-wag, Funkyjuice Swipes, Kinderrookie, Mooha, Vasilyev Aleksey, E-wag, Mukhurov Ruslan, Slav, Stoballov, Trun, Queen Nadin, Wais, Ushan, YouZ RockZ, Top 9, United Zoo, BMT

Directed by:
Ivan Chuprakov

Attention!!! All film contains hidden esoteric context!
MC BIG D (Def Joint)
Start at 17:00

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