10.01.10 About MISSION 22 presentation

Enemies and friends!

We found out our life is not so simple. Our life is a full twenty two. Presentation didn't take place according to changing current of the River of the Life. Everything was prepared and then unexpected emerged! Because of technical reasons film didn't appear on the screen.

Funk Fanatix scratched each others' head for a long time investigating the reasons. We compared the device readings: the sign of belorussian collegue Sokol fit the kin of the day, his number is 13, entrance charge covered organisation expenses to a tag, the day was chosen perfectly.

But the only one reason could reveal and explain the logic of situation. "MISSION 22" had to be represented in the internet free for everybody. Because, as you know, we planned only close presentation in the cinema and no free version in internet. Seems like there's no way for this. Well, it's the Will of the headquaters.

There's version ready for viewing. But our edit commission doesn't hurry with actions. We review the film, frames that were cut and try to realize what happened.

Also our good friend Enot succeed with recording everything occured on backstage on the day of presentation. It might be so our eyes soon face this material.
The meaning is the same: we all participate in one common mission. It's 22 for us and 13 or 33 for another one.

Thanks to all visitors. We appologize and ask you to treat the situation with comprehension. Or...well, does it realy matter?
The only one thing important is what happens to us personaly and how do we treat comparing what we have with what we want.

See you soon with internet version!
Peace and love!

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